Insurance Claims Information

The first step if you suspect you have damage to your roof is to call a reputable roofing company to get an inspection. Reputable roofing companies should not charge for an inspection.


Finding out that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired can be scary for many homeowners. Filing an insurance claim, meeting the adjusters and ensuring you get reimbursed for damages can be a difficult process. Many times homeowners are unsure about the whole claims process, or what to expect.


To an insurance company, the roof is one of the most important parts of your home. In many hail or wind claims, there is a payout relative to the existing roof. Insurance companies review roofing claims very carefully in order to process your claim fairly based on the policy.





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Find Out What Your Policy Covers And What You Are Responsible For

To find out  what is covered or what is not covered contact your insurance provider.

Some policies take the age of your roof into account at the time it is damaged. For example, if your roof is less than 12 years old, it may be covered for the full cost of repairing or replacing the damaged section of your roof at the time of the claim. If your roof is more than 12 years old, you may only be reimbursed for the depreciated value of the damaged roof. The depreciated value takes the aging and wearing of your roof into account, meaning its value has decreased prior to any damage occurring.


Some policies will only offer roof damage coverage up to the depreciated value, regardless of the age of your roof. Other policies will cover the full cost of repairing or replacing the damaged section of your roof at the time of the claim, regardless of the age of your roof. In most cases, your insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to investigate and verify your claim. If the damage is determined to be from aging, wear and tear, or poor condition of your roof, it will typically be considered normal maintenance, and will not be covered under your policy.

Choose A Contractor With Insurance Expertise

In most cases, you can use the roofing company of your choice. Look for a contractor with extensive experience working with insurance claims and can help clients navigate the process of getting their roof repaired or replaced by their insurance company.

A 7 Year Old Roof That Looks 25 Years Old. Why?

You should never shingle over an old shingle. Multiple layers of shingles accelerates deterioration and voids all manufacturers warranties. 

Multiple Layers of Felt Are Bad.

Multiple layers of felt can cause a roof to age prematurely and can cause high utility bills.

Missing Shingles

Most of the time a roof such as this can be repaired. However sometimes the shingles are old and brittle in which case it becomes very difficult to repair missing shingles. A roof inspection can determine if a roof is repairable.

Hail Damage

A lot of the time when a hail storm comes through it causes damage to your roof and many times your insurance company will pay to replace the roof. In many cases your  out of pocket expense is only your deductible.

Dents On A Car

If you have dents like this on your car then you likely need a new roof.

Free Upgrades

In many cases if you have a three tab roof (left) we can upgrade you to an architectural shingle (right) with no additional charge.