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Should I call my Insurance?

Before you call your insurance company to look at your roof, call us first. We will come inspect your roof before your insurance company sends an adjuster in order to determine if you should contact them. If there does happen to be damage on your roof or property, we will then meet with your adjuster at your property to help them accurately access the damage to the property.

Do I have to pay my deductible?

Yes, according to Texas state law it is illegal to eat, waive, or otherwise not pay ones deductible to your contractor. It is considered insurance fraud to eat deductibles. In fact, the home owner can even be held liable as well as the contractor. Don't go with a contractor who offers to eat your deductible! If a homeowner does have difficulty paying their deductible however, we do offer 0% interest in house financing of deductibles. We also offer a lucrative referral program to all our customers. 

Contact Us Today

Will my policy cover the whole roof?

It depends! Call us today to have one of our team members come out and look at your property. Often times the answer can vary from property to property, but our team will be there to guide you through the whole process.

What if the insurance company denies my roof?

That is not the end of the process. Insurance companies can sometimes make mistakes when evaluating a property for damage, but as a roofing contractor we can ask for a second inspection of the property. Often times, this can lead to a roof that was previously denied being approved.

Choose A Contractor With Insurance Expertise

In all cases, you can use the roofing company of your choice. Look for a contractor with extensive experience working with insurance claims and can help clients navigate the process of getting their roof repaired or replaced by their insurance company.

A 7 Year Old Roof That Looks 25 Years Old. Why?

You should never shingle over an old shingle. Multiple layers of shingles accelerates deterioration and voids all manufacturers warranties. 

Multiple Layers of Felt Are Bad.

Multiple layers of felt can cause a roof to age prematurely and can cause high utility bills.

Missing Shingles

Most of the time a roof such as this can be repaired. However sometimes the shingles are old and brittle in which case it becomes very difficult to repair missing shingles. A roof inspection can determine if a roof is repairable.

Hail Damage

A lot of the time when a hail storm comes through it causes damage to your roof and many times your insurance company will pay to replace the roof. In many cases your  out of pocket expense is only your deductible.

Dents On A Car

If you have dents like this on your car then you likely need a new roof.

Free Upgrades

In many cases if you have a three tab roof (left) we can upgrade you to an architectural shingle (right) with no additional charge.

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